Sunday, June 4, 2023
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The Visioneer

 About the Visioner

Adebola Farinloye is an Educationist by training with special interest in early childhood education.

She always desires to see well-groomed teenagers and young adults who are giving expression to all their full potentials. 

She believes the best time to discover the potentials and get on the journey of bringing out the unique awesomeness of any being is when that being is a child; when the system of the world has not caught up with the originality of that being. 

Kiddies Learning Hub is one of the tools she desires to use to bring out the remarkable side of every child.


About Kiddies Learning Hub

Kiddies Learning Hub is one activated arm of Learning and Discovery Academy; a registered educational organization with the Federal Government of Nigeria. As the Name implies, we seek to discover the unique abilities embedded in every child, fan it to flame and showcase them to their world. 

We sometimes come across children who are quite artistic, some are musically inclined, others still are excellent communicators and can pick as many languages as possible. 

Everyone has a unique remarkable side, we just need to discover it and make the most of it and that right early.


How we operate

For a start, we are working on and have come up with some pre-recorded videos of vocations that can bring out the geniuses in children (especially if they possess the innate ability within). 

Our videos have the carefully selected instructor teaching the children virtually and in a step by step manner. The objective of each class is always clearly stated at the beginning of the class and the teachings is structured to meet the behavioral objective stated.

Why Videos?

We are in a world of technology and most children derive pleasure from audio visuals. 

So, our super interactive videos are targeted to fill in some of the children’s screen time; thereby helping them to gainfully and productively use their screen time.

Worthy of note is the fact that our videos are not live classes, rather they have been pre-recorded. This is deliberate as we desire that our friends (the children) will go over the class again and again until they have mastered the vocation.

How to Use our video material

 1.Please peruse through the available video courses available from Kiddies Learning Hub at the moment. Select one or two for your child.

  2.  Introduce the video to your child and observe his/her response, interest.

  3. Get the relevant materials and instrument for the child and see to it that the child only moves to the next class after the objective of the previous class has be fulfilled.

  4.  In case the child isn’t showing much interest, please do well to explore other available options, make your required commitment and get the course for the child.


We do believe that you will find our materials beneficial. We promise to keep uploading more courses and we will definitely keep you informed as we post them here.

We celebrate you! 

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